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Pain in my urethera

I get these shooting pains through my urethera. I feel it shooting up my penis. I thought it was an STD i checked it. NOPE. I went to a urulogist and he did a prostate check with his finger and i pee'd in a cup. He said i have an infection because there was pain when he touched my prostate. Doesnt' seem right to me. However, i took kephlex and cipro for months. I stopped taking, although i thought it helped, it may just be placebo affect. When it gets bad I take uricalm for a day.

Also i started taking Zyflamend. I am desperate here. I wen back to get a blood test and PSA normal ( i am early 30's)

*** do I do, this is terrible. I tried to cut out coffee and beer, but it only helps a little. I try to stay away from unhealthy food. But i really need to just cure this. before it stays with me for the rest of my life and develops into something more serious. Maybe I should go see a new urologist, this one was like 100 yrs old.

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