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Re: Tried Plaquenil

Hi, yes, we do find many kindred spirits here! Your sulfa drug comment caught my eye. Have you read the "alternative criteria" in the sticky posts ( = permanent info posts at top of thread list)? I think sulfa drugs can be very poorly tolerated with people already predisposed to lupus, or who already have it. I think that's what almost got me---literally---when I was a child. Was given IV antibiotics when i was already sick (pneumonia), then got encephalitis (convulsions & high fever).

Have you seen pics of the two SCLE rashes? They're very different in appearance, oddly. One is "annular": it's ringlike; lesions start as raised red bumps, expand into circles with clear centers, expand losing circularity, then fade). The second is "psoriasiform" or "papulosquamous: it looks like psoriasis (but isn't). Mine were classic "annulars".

I thought my body was "dramatic" too. Always had extreme swelling from insect bites & stings---then read (in middle age, gaaaah) how common such things are in people who have lupus, or are headed to it. I think it's actualy our immune systems that are dramatic, overreactive, also aberrant (in the sense we develop autoantibodies). Anyhow, let us know how you're doing. Hugs, Vee (P.S. My specialty was fainting on subway platforms, NOT GOOD.)

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