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levo and statins??

Hi there, i've been on 25mcg levo for six weeks. I had my check up yesterday and although my FreeT4 has gone up to 13.8 (from 11), my cholesterol is still too high at 7.8 (my TSH is now 2.97 from 3.01).

Instead of my GP upping my thyroid dose, he said it'll be better to put me on statins for the cholesterol and still keep my levo low because my thyroid is just borderline. He's probably right, I really don't know, but my concern is will my thyroid ever jump up to the required 'feel good' levels - especially if I continue with such a low dose. I realise my FT4 has risen from 11 to 13.8 which is good, but what is considered a reaonable thyroid level to start losing weight and feel like normal? I've heard statins have many side effects such as muscle aches, not really what I need right now??? Is anyone on statins and if so are you ok on them? Any advice on my levo prescription do you think 25mcg is adequate for my thyroid level. It seems Doctors vary so much from what they are prepared to give you!!!

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