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Re: Why do I feel so empty, bored and attempt suicide for fun, it doesn't seem normal

My apologies for taking such a lengthy time to reply, I've been a little busy... Well I've been sleeping and somewhat forgot that this was here. It was very kind of you to respond. Firstly I know it is horrible when people genuinely suffer from these kinds of illnesses and I know that I should feel horrible for what I have done, the fact that I manipulated people and tormented them for reasons I don't particularly understand, the thing is that it just doesn't phase me, I don't really feel that anyone was particularly hurt. That being said I know that people were. Now secondly, I don't know if I want social contact or to be loved. Recently I've been hounded by one of my only friends who is trying their best to help the problems that we both know aren't there and it's been tearing them apart, sadly I've become extremely annoyed with her for being so clingy and I'm tired of pretending to care when I really just want her to go away, but I also want her to stay as she is the only company I have. And thirdly, yes and no to am I okay. I'm not good though I am not bad either, I've just been empty as usual. Plus, I know I don't have a mental illness in the conventional sense, but I am certain that something is unusual about me, no one does the things I do simply because they can be done. The mysteries of the world I suppose. How are you by the way?