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Re: How do I stop this ROCD!!!!!

I am so sorry your going through this, but you are not alone. I have had all the different themes of OCD but ROCD has always been the worse, it attacks the one person that you go to for comfort and love and then you question the whole thing. Its very hurtful on both sides. I am about to go see a pysch.....I'm on an ativan right now and seems to at least calm me down a little. Because I have already thrown up 7 times today fromanxiety. I wish you the best, but give this time, most ocd episodes come, become full blown, and eventually will start to go unseen again. I'm dealing with it right now, its not fun, but I don't want to lose such a wonderful man. I wish you the best, and another thing, start praying really hard, right now we are both in time of need.