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Re: Vestibular Neritis success stories 2

Hi everyone!
Vestibular disorders are the suckiest thing ever. Only good thing is that once you feel better, you REALLLLLY appreciate it and feel great!
When I was 13 months in I wrote that I was feeling 99.9% most days. I'm about 26 months in now. Truth is, I have many weeks or months of feeling completely awesome, and then have little blips every now and then. Never near as bad as the first 3-6 months. But just enough to freak me out a little and **** me off. lol A few days or a few weeks of dizzy/nauseous mornings and then I'm back to awesome again. What I find strange is how quickly it comes and goes.
I thank God I'm at the tail end of this. It sure makes you realize how strong you are. Sending healing vibes and hugs to all!! Try your hardest to just go with the flow... I know that's much easier said than done, but unfortunately, it's nothing we can really control. Just know that there WILL be an end! (Most of those who have completely kicked it move on with their lives, don't think about posting on inner ear boards and soon we will all be in that club. PS. Having a little decomp as I write this rah rah post... so obviously the decomps aren't near as bad as they used to be.