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UpdateRe: Just had core biopsy of supraclavicular node

I had a core biopsy of left supraclavicular node that came back as follicular hyperplasia. I was relieved and have felt so good knowing it was benign. The Head and Neck Oncologist told me to come back in 6 weeks for follow up. So, I have an appointment Monday. But, today I noticed my left side of my neck felt stiff and funny and as I rubbed my hand over the spot either close to the biopsy or where they did it I felt an enlarged node through the skin. I was just at a new PCP last Friday and he felt my neck and there was nothing. I even felt nothing. I haven't been trying to touch it or anything because I certainly don't want to aggravate anything. So, now I am somewhat worried because there was nothing there before. I know many of you have had core biopsies that were positive and many that were negative. I am hoping this is a fluke and it will go away. But, thankful my appointment with the oncologist is monday. I didn't tell them about this because I knew I was seeing him Monday. Wondering if he will u/s it or just do excisional? Any body have any input?