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MRI results on Lower Lumbar of spine

I know I have a terrible back but was wondering if someone can break down the meaning of these MRI results.
Schmorl's nodes of the endplates of T11-12, through L1-2 and L5-S1.
Tip of the conus medullaris terminates at T12-L1.
L3-4 degeneration of the disc and posterior disc bulge. Small endplate osteophytes.
L4-5 Moderation degeneration of the disc. Moderate posterior disc bulge/protrusion. This extends posterior to the superior endplate of L5. This exerts 6.6mm of mass effect on the anterior aspect of the thecal sac at it maximum mild facet arthopathy. Ap caliber of the thecal sac at the point of maximum anterior sac impression is 11.5mm. At this level, the spinal canal measures 18mm ap.
L5-S1 degeneration of the disc. Moderate sized chronic Schmorl's node of the superior endplate of S-1. Concavity of the inferior endplate of L-5/ Monld, non compressive annular bulge. Mild facet arthropathy.
On axial imagine, ther are facet arthritic changes of L2-3 through L5-S1.
Discognic edema of the endplates of L4-5. No edema of the parspinal muscles.

Impression: Broad based posterior disc protrusion at L4-5. Disc signal material extends posterior to the superior endplate of L5 which apprears to be contained on sagittal imaging but on T-1 weighted imaging, there may be some peri-disc hemmorrhage or perhaps a minor inferior disc extrusion. This potentially could be an acute process. There may also be some distention of the anterior epidural venous plexus accounting for the more nodular signal along the righ paramidline thecal sac on axial image #19 fo 28.

Can anyone tell me in English terms what all this means for me?

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