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Re: My husband's mood swings

Originally Posted by Seraph View Post
You do not need to understand anything more than that you and your daughter are at severe risk. He has already put his hands on you in a rage, and the next time is always easier. Protect yourself. What do your inlaws mean that it is your duty to fix him??? How? Let him beat you up and scream at you? there is nothing you can do until and unless he admits he has a problem and goes for treatment. In the meantime, and I am not overreacting here (I have seen it happen), one day he will (not might, WILL) injure you. He will be sooo sorry then, but you will still be the one in the hospital bed or worse. Please get protection or get away, Sera.

I am fully agreed with Sera. You should go away from him and then only he will realize importance of you.

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