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Re: scrapping or cutting

Before going in for surgery I'd try an alternative treatment. It worked for me and my dear father and it's worked for thousands of others.

I completely cured myself of Actinic Keratosis (AK) (cancer pre-cursor) with the sap of Milkweed (Peplus Euphorbia). It also completely cleared up my Father's Squamous Cancers, he had many on his head and back. He had twice previously been treated with surgery and the skin grafting on his head looked a mess and he was unwilling to go under the knife again.

Milkweed has long been used as a cure for warts and non-melanoma skin cancers and is currently being developed as a topical treatment by a private Danish Company Leo Pharma. The milkweed extract is known as PEP005. The original work was started by an Australian company Peplin in 1998.

There's plenty of information on this on the web and you can treat your SCC with the raw milkweed sap in complete confidence - just make sure you don't get it in your eyes! For a lesion of 1 cm (~ 1/2") diameter squeeze 5 to 10 drops of sap onto the cancer/AK, use the milkweed stalk to spread it if necessary. Remove any sap that gets onto healthy skin with a damp cloth/cotton bud. Leave for 24 hours, area will redden, hit it again with the same dose. You should see a marked improvement within a few days. Repeat as required, 2 or 3 treatments will finish off most small lesions (< 1cm); AK will usually be cleared by 1 good dose. When the cancer is killed it will leave healthy skin. Larger cancers will need a bit of mopping up when they die.

Euphorbia Peplus is very widespread and is often found in gardens. It is shallow rooted and I've found that you can pull up a plant, transport it and use it a day or two later. All the stems have some "milk" in them. Just break off a stem and squeeze.

Best of luck.

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