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Re: Perc Neph (PCNL) Procedure For Kidney Stones??

Originally Posted by AuntNanc View Post
Hi folks. I'm wondering if anyone has been through Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (Perc Neph or PCNL) for kidney stone removal and could share their experiences.

I have a 1.3 cm kidney stone, too large to pass. I'm told the commonly used Lithotripsy shock wave treatment is not a good option for me. I am on blood thinners for a clotting disorder and cannot go off them for any length of time. So the minimal bleeding that comes with Lithotripsy could be much worse in my case. And I'm told that often two or three procedures are required.

My urologist has suggested that I have the Perc Neph procedure instead, where they go through the back and directly into the kidney to break up and retrieve the stones. I've been reading about it and it's certainly more invasive than shock waves and apparently has it's risks. Has anyone been through it? Would appreciate your input. How successful was it? How painful? Complications? Hospital time? Anything you have to share is appreciated. Thanks!
Hi AuntNanc - I,too have a stone too big to pass (basically the size of the kidney itself) and lithotripsy is not an option for me either. How are you doing? Have you had the procedure yet? I don't see my dr until October 9th to decide what can be done. I just wondered if you have anymore information. Thanks