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costo or ???????

Hi Everyone it has been awhile since I posted so I will just give you all a quick run down
Had costo for as long as I can remember but not really diagnosed till mid 20's . The pain over the years has been very bad that I had to go to ER and mild but I am afraid to say I beleive it has now gone cronic ...I also suffer from anxiety so you can just imagine when i get a chest pain or pull or tightness ache I think it is my heart is one of the most frustrating things that we have to indure and ppl dont really understand it or the fear ...

So I got laid off in April and took the summer off which was great I needed the break .I had no flare ups during that time that I can recall ....then last 2 weeks things changed ...I started a new job last week desk all day and we are in the mists of doing reno's at home and had a surprise when we had to do the basement and the veranda as we have water damage ...alittle stress yes but now I have had for the last 3 days ...achey in upper chest hurts to touch starts around the upper chest near the armpits and comes across fear is getting higher thinking it is heart related but I did have a complete physical in July .and ecg was normal x-ray of chest was normal all blood work normal ...blood pressure normal what do I do ...I am freaking out alittle...

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