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Re: Bladder spasm normal?

First of all, HealthBoards has somehow changed my name without my knowledge - I don't know who "howerd" is, but that's not my callsign. I'm trying to get it straightened out.

As to the stone - passed that baby last night! As you know, I'd been having crazy bladder spasms for two straight days, urgency, frequency - the Pyridium didn't affect it one bit. Last night I was sitting down eating, and I literally felt a pop in my stomach in the area of the bladder, and a brief nerve tingle at the end of my urethra (penis end). It wasn't painful, but pronounced and I'd never felt it before, so I thought, "I wonder if that stone just broke loose into the bladder?"

Sure enough, half an hour later, went to pee, and in mid-stream, "plop," a 4mm smooth stone pops out with not a speck of blood or even a flinch of pain. Had I not been catching it in a cup, I'd likely not even known it had come out, but when I saw it, you can bet I let out a war hoop!

The next four urinations through the night contained a ton of sediment and such, but now my urine is clean. Bladder spasms disappeared immediately upon passing it, though today I notice when I get a full bladder, I have slightly more urgency than before, but it's nothing I can't live with and hope it will decrease the farther I get away from the incident.

If you'd have told me you could pass a 4mm stone with no exit pain, I wouldn't have believed you, but thank goodness it's true! I took it into the Doc today and he said from the look of it (round, smooth, striated with colors) that it appears to have been forming for a long, long time, slowly like the rings on a tree. Who knows, he's having it analyzed.

I am so glad to pass that thing, I can't even tell you - and should I ever get another, I at least know that on a good day, you can pass a sizeable stone without screaming bloody murder. Let's just hope any future ones are as smooth as this one!