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Unhappy STD help? info.. your opinions... ?

Dear Someone...

a couple of weeks ago, i was having these weird lower abdominal pains. at first i thought nothing of it, but as time went on, i began to notice how annoying it was. well i actually just got back from the doctor today.

(keep in mind) I'm a sophomore in college and still live at home with my parents. i don't drive, but i support myself. have a job, pay for my own school and all. my parents are a little overprotective with me because i'm the youngest in my family.

well lately, my boyfriend and i have been having unprotected sex. sometimes he pulls out, sometimes he doesn't. although i have not gotten pregnant yet, i'm not sure if i am now. planning on getting a test tonight!!
Anyway, i've been having this white, milkly discharge come out from..down there.. and it smells bad. last wendsday-friday, i started running at the park, and when i got home all this white stuff came out from inside me. and all the abdominal pains i had went away.

i went to the doctor today, (my mom was with me, but waiting outside)
and the doctor started asking me all these questions. i answered and told her everything, but now i'm kind of scared that my mom will find out that i'm not a virgin anymore. we don't talk about this kind of stuff, and it was actually my sister that had to tell me about sex and periods, babies..but like i said, what do i say to my mom if she finds out that i might have some kind of STD?

and i did some research, i think i might have chlamydia. the doctor said she would give me antibiotics. i haven't picked up the prescription yet, but will it fully go away? are there any side effects i have to worry about? will my boyfriend have to get tested too? can guys even get chlamydia? i'm sorry, i'm so new to all this. all the research i found online has confused me, and i've never been to a gynecologist. i'm absolutely terrified. i feel so disgusted in myself..please heeeelpppppp

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