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Re: 1 yr today was my fusion....hardware removal just scheduled :(

I ha a C5-6 fusion with a titanium plate and 4 screws and have worse pain now than before while they decided it was a slightly herniated disc.
The back of my neck gets extremely hot at times, severe pain in left side and seemingly into my heart when I lie on my back (that had never been that way before an was first noticed during my first MRI after the fusion during which I thought I was dying in the machine), headaches including one that began yesterday morning at around 2am and didn't let up until about 530pm, the worst of my life! When not numbed by two 7.5 Loritabs, I have a constant feeling of tingling between my shoulder blades and this time, along with the headache, I experienced a severe stiff neck.
Ever since getting the plate, all of these things continue and yet they claimed my fusion went well.
THEN I was hit by a school bus on my motorcycle just short of a year after the fusion and KNOW that messed something up despite MRI readings between after the fusion and after the wreck showing "no changes".

I had never had back or neck problems until 37 plus after beginning to work a job that required lifting hundreds of pounds per shift and I am afraid I cannot stand this much longer.

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