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Re: Perc Neph (PCNL) Procedure For Kidney Stones??

AuntNanc - sorry to hear you haven't had your procedure. Are you in a lot of pain? That is the weird thing for me. I have absolutely no pain at all. It was a fluke that my family dr even found out about this monster stone. (I had 3 stones for years that couldnt be blasted. When I asked my old urologist what could be done to get rid of them, he had said we'd just keep an eye on them but to get rid of them would be complicated. So I would see him every 6 months to say the stones were still there. Finally after a year I quit going to him. I had no idea they would grow! Now the three have grown into one huge stone) So for me the wait is just a pain in the butt because I just want it over. I feel for you if you have been in pain all this time :-( I have to go to Indianapolis which is almost three hours away so we have that in common too. I just hope when I finally do see the dr that he will do the procedure soon after my appointment. I don't want this to drag into the holidays if it can be helped. Well keep me posted about your appointment and I will do the same. Good luck to you.