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What type of specialist?

Hello all,

Greetings to everyone and thank you for reading. I am sure there are a lot of regular posters here who are inundated with requests of "what do you think of my symptoms?" but......
What do you think of my symptoms??

I am a 33 year old woman living in Italy where I rave and rave about the public healthcare. However,t here are drawbacks. Mainly things like waiting over 2 hours to see your doctor and having her blow off your symptoms in under two minutes. I would like to take things into my own hands now and make a direct appointment with a private specialist, but this will be something I will have to pay for so I want to at least know if there is reason for concern and which, if any, specialist I should see.

My symptoms are:
1. Extreme tiredness/fatigue
2. Weakness, But strangely. I go to the gym and regularly do deadlifts of say 95 kilos and then I have trouble walking up the stairs with my 20 kilo child in my arms.
3. Occasional numbness and tingling, mainly when lying down.
4. Confusion
5. mild depression, for reasons unexplained, just feeling blue
6. Forgetfulness
7. Extraordinarily heavy menstrual cycle, soaking through a super tampon about every 30-45 minutes
8. Feelings of my brain "turning off" for a split second. As if there is a light switch and it just flickers and then is immediately back up and working
9. Neck pain- could be due to stress, extensive weight lifting, although I have a great trainer and am careful with form.
10. Mildly colder than usual, nothing extreme, but definitely noticed
11. Trouble concentrating on visuals, tv, reading, driving, etc. Especially at night, I have almost eliminated driving at night all together as it has become dangerous.
12. Difficulty speaking. It is hard to evaluate whether or not this is cognitive or a problem actually physically producing the words. But sometimes I feel like I know what I want to say and I can't get it out. I used to think this was due to recently upping my Italian and working towards total fluency, sometimes to switch back and forth between english and Italian becomes tiresome as I am not a "language person" But it is becoming more frequent and worrisome.

Initially my symptoms (particularly tiredness, depression, heavy cycle) and blood work indicated a thyroid problem (mild) But my doctor ordered a scan of my thyroid to look for a tumor or cyst and there was nothing, only a smaller than normal thyroid. She also ordered follow up blood tests on the thyroid but those came back normal. So I took those to her today and she said that it was nothing to worry about. To "stop eating crap and eat more fish"

The thing is I have an very healthy diet, I eat fresh, well-balanced meals. I eat healthy, fatty fishes at least 3 times a week, lean meats and plenty of vegetables (not as much fruits as I should). I drink plenty of water. But I also drink plenty of coffee (4-5 espresso with milk per day) and plenty of wine (1/2 bottle to 1 bottle per day).

Any opinions are welcome.

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