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Re: What type of specialist?

oh dear, this is why I want to go to a doctor and stop searching the internet for an explanation. I googled some of my symptoms and was reading about tumors of the pituitary gland. While I don't have much of the visual stuff related to that, I do note that I have some of the psychiatric symptoms. I have had, actually for quite some time, very increased irritability and hostility. I have always been a pretty calm, happy person. But for some time now (longer than the rest of my symptoms) I have had strange, unexplained hostile tendencies. I have not acted out on them, I am still an upstanding member of society!!! But, things like at the dinner table once a friend and guest of mine had a slight coughing fit, nothing major at all, and I felt this rage build in me and had visions of taking a frying pan to his face. Or if I am stuck in traffic or something happens along the road I get a severe case of road rage and have feelings of wanting to ram my car into the other car, etc. Or if one of my kids is crying I get full of rage and out of my head upset. I am always under control, have never lashed out or acted on these feelings of rage, but as you can imagine, they scare me a great deal. It sounds CRAZY, I am fully aware. Believe me, I feel crazy when this happens. I always just pushed that off to the side and thought maybe I was going a bit bananas (recently separated in a foreign country, far from family, friends, home, 2 kids under 4 to deal with as a single mom, etc.) But now I am thinking there could be something else to it and hopefully a way to put an end to the internal rage, I am NOT a bad or angry person.