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Re: husband possible ptsd since he was 15?

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I don't know where to start in talking about getting therapy for trauma. I have been going to group and individual counseling for trauma. The EMDR is a treatment that happens inside of regular longterm therapy, as I have been doing anyway. The benefit of a longterm relationship with a trusted therapist was a strong part of my feeling safe enough to admit pain, shame, and anger I have held for years.
I feel for you, feeling afraid to talk yet feeling distant from your husband, and within the group. I know I felt very distrusting of my spouse. I remember feeling that no one could understand how I felt. I have a partner now who, having not experienced the similar level of constant abuse, I thought sh could never understand. I have had a hard time sharing 'those' details, yet as I spent more time in therapy and especially doing the EMDR, I have learned to slowly share. I feel very close to her now. I highly recommend the EMDR, I wish I could explain how it works; I liken it stirring dark dollops of chocolate cake batter into a bowl of vanilla cake mix. I understand, from my therapist, that during the talking about a past experience ..continue...
the past emotions are looked at through your current perspective, while bilateral stimulation is going on with either eye movement, or audio/tactile alternating vibrations. I suggest talking about it with your therapist.

The VA also may have resources for this treatment.