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Severe cervical spinal stenosis

Hello - This is my first post and hope to gain more knowledge from those who have experience with my particular issues. I have had a previous ACDF C5-6,7 in 2005 (osteophyte penetration of sac with loss of CSF, severe radiculopathy left side of neck down to left hand) and a foramenotomy C7-T1 in 2008 (gradual complete numbness of right ring and little finger). Lingering pain caused referral from my NS to a Pain Management doc who has been treating me since 2010. (My NS said if he had to operate again, he would have to fuse my entire neck.) I have had difficulty in swallowing since first operation that has increased markedly since Jan 2012. PM doc wanted to do cervical MRI with and without contrast, however, my Cigna insurance would only authorize MRI without. Both PM doc and imaging folks wanted to do both MRIs because of the instrumentation in my neck from the ACDF and compare studies. Finally got a CT scan done and went over it last Friday, 9/21, with the PM's PA. Basically severe stenosis, down to 8mm at several points and moderate to severe damage to each vertebral level. (Earlier imaging in 2010 had shown mild to moderate damage and the first mention ever of congenital stenosis).
I kind of tuned out from shock when I heard 8mm at several points and, perhaps I misheard, but I think I heard him say myelomalasia (sp) or something close to it. I asked him what that was and he said something like an issue that could cause multiple problems. I have been trying to read up on these issues this week and plan on trying to see him tomorrow and if nothing else get a copy of my CT report.
So what I would like to know is if someone has had similar experiences and if 8mm is a danger point, or am I being overly concerned?
Thanks for your consideration!

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