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Re: Post surgery L 5 S1 calf and foot pain.

Hi Chris
I have had 2 discectomy surgeries this year, the last one on 24 June. I think the time frame to heal depends on a number of factors. My advise to you would be take things easy and dont be in too much of a rush to get back into heavy exercise or lifting etc.
For the first 3-4 weeks after surgery I was still fairly sore and had some pain still in my leg, it started to settle after this time. If your symptoms are worse now than before surgery such as the limp you now have, I would check this with Dr and get another opinion if you are not happy with the general response of "give it time". I was really good after my first surgery until about 10-12 weeks after surgery when I started having server pain, numbness and leg weakness, my GP said it was normal and give it time. The pain kept getting worse until I could function as I was in so much pain. I ended up in emergency for the 2nd surgery. Listen to your body, take things slow and keep see your Dr if things seem wrong. You should be getting better not worse.
Good luck and I hope it does just settle down with rest.

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