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Re: Please Please Help Me!!!!

Good for you! You just have to want it bad enough and to me, it sounds like you are at that point. I smoked for about 11 years and for most of that time smoked about 10--15 cigarettes a day (probably sometimes more in the middle years), but I was HORRIBLY addicted regardless of how much I smoked and was desparately struggling to quit and cut down for the past couple years. Honestly, not a single day went by in these past eleven years where I didn't smoke at least 2 cigarettes a day--and this is even including the days I "quit" using various methods like NRT and Wellbutrin!

I was totally delusional about it too, lol. Like for the past year I convinced myself I was close enough to quitting that it might not matter whether i quit "for reals" because I would buy the super long cigs and then only smoke half of one at a really it was like i was only smoking 5 cigarettes a day...but I think even that was an underestimation because I sometimes didn't count know, key cigarettes (lol, that first cig in the morning for instance, didnt count cause it was essential, right?). Addiction is a powerful thing... I basically just tortured myself by always cutting down and then giving up and then cutting down and then giving up etc, so by the time I finally quit cold turkey i was already used to being in withdrawal.

Anyways, just hold on to your reasons for quitting and dont ever give up, cause you'll be able to quit eventually. My reasons were shallow (i could see smoking was having/had already had awful effects on my skin and teeth) but for me, this was powerful enough to make me quit. When it gets to the point where you wake up every morning filled with self loathing because of this habit and it's hold on you, that's when you're ready.

Oh one other thing, if you're prone to depression or you find yourself really struggling, you might consider using Wellbutrin because it can really help (basically blocks the buzz you get from nicotine). It sounds silly, but I got really depressed for a while and sometimes felt like there was no point in going on without cigarettes. Another thing is, all of the studies show that most people are more successful with some form of therapy, like group therapy or something (I have a therapist and I gotta say, I think group therapy is probably more helpful because the people can show you that it's doable).