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Re: MS vs Lyme Disease

Originally Posted by MSJayhawk View Post

A diagnosis of MS solely based upon an MRI would not be a good diagnosis. The diagnosis should be made by eliminating possible diseases sing the Revised McDonald Criteria. The test for Lyme Disease should have been part of the elimination process and Lyme should be eliminated long before MS is diagnosed.

Your symptoms can be from a multitude number of causes all of which can mimic MS symptoms and would include Lyme.

Are you on a military base or are you in a private enterprise in Japan? I lived and worked there for many years.
Yes we are awaiting Lyme results; the doctor is not sure that is MS; she ants to rule out other things as well. I have been reading a lot about missed diagnosis; some of them taking years to finally being diagnosed with Lyme's. I do have a sister with MS as well. Yes I am on base here.