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Re: Severe cervical spinal stenosis

Ladybud - Thank you for your reply! We appealed twice about the MRI with contrast; they would not back off their guidelines. With the CT showing some problems, maybe it will be different this time. I am going to ask the PM doc to refer me back to my NS for eval. Maybe there will be a chance Cigna will allow both MRIs if he orderd it (there seems to be some weasle wording about a specialist being able to do more than the original requestor. Of course, he is also a specialist, so who knows).
I have had my thyroid checked very recently, and the lab results indicated normal. Pain in neck and shoulders/biceps area is sometimes severe and wakes me up at night, but is not constant. Trying to find a comfortable position is difficult also. The pain is not as bad as it was prior to my original surgery in 05, but severity, duration, and frequency are all increasing. I have noticed increasing balance problems, no dizziness, just having to regain balance sometimes as I turn around or when I just close my eyes like when showering. I haven't noticed any real clumsiness in my hands, although there are times when my right hand/fingers "contract" or pull inwards together like a charley horse (?). Also some unconscious finger stiffening. So I don't know if this is a tempest in a teapot or if I really have a problem.