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Re: Please please help

Originally Posted by Machaon View Post
Farrah, you could have mild asthma. Have you ever tried a daily Asthma med, like Flovent? If not, you might ask your doctor to consider a trial period on Flovent, for a month or two, to see if it could help you.

Have you ever been on heart meds, to slow your heart, like ace inhibitors or beta blockers or calcium channel blockers, or digoxin? If your blood pressure is at healthy levels, digoxin might be a good choice because it slows the heart rate while not lowering the blood pressure.

What happens to you during an adrenaline surge?

On a side note: Do you have any furniture or rubber products or throw rugs or wood products, in your home, that have a strong odor?
Yes I've been the asthma route. Tried inhalers when I first at these symptoms in June but they did not help. We do have newer wood furniture but when this started the first time I was In Japan where there was no strong ordered furniture. Oh and my blood pressure has been great.