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Re: Severe cervical spinal stenosis

Thanks Webdozer! I have seen several of your posts and they have been very informative. Seeing what so many people have and are suffering and the support received from these boards is what made me finally decide to post instead of just lurking. From what I understand, my stenosis is central although there may very well be foraminal stenosis at several at several levels also. My second operation dealt with that at C7-T1. It is also my recollection that the severe stenosis was at several central levels, some high and some lower cervically speaking. As I stated earlier, my cervical spine is a mess! And I know I have damage at the level above my C5-6,7 fusion which I understand is a pretty common consequence of fusion. What I don't understand is who is right in the question of the MRIs. Is my PM doc correct (along with the imaging folks) in needing both an MRI without contrast and one with contrast because of the presence of the fusion, or are the CIGNA guidelines correct is stating that an MRI without contrast is sufficient?
I have been told to expect to be in pain the rest of my life and I can accept that, but my problem when do I start worrying that something needs to be done?

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