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Re: Why are women not taken seriously?

Oldsymptomlist, it's not in your head. Women really do get treated like that. I think part of my problem is that I am the last in a large family and am used to being talked down to, corrected, patronized, etc., so my reaction is usually to go home later and get mad, but not assert myself much in the 2-second office visits. Add to that the fact that submissiveness was highly valued in my family and you can see how it has been easy for me remain invisible so long.

Words of wisdom from bluelakelady on the fibromyalgia board--get between the door and the doctor! Don't let him leave, until you have been taken seriously--use humor, but don't let him leave. My best visits happen when I bring in a typed-written copy of a) my current medications; b) what brought me in today; c) my recent health history chronicled by category (heart, spinal, urology, etc.); and d) a list of all diagnosed conditions by date. You can write "see attached" on their intake sheets rather than spill your guts on yet another form, the nurses love it because it saves them time and is easier to follow, you save all your reserves for telling your story to the actual doctor, and you have the ongoing copy to take with you the next time. You also have proof that you have brought the problem to their attention on this date, that date, and so on. You become a lot harder to ignore.

Best to you.

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