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Re: Perc Neph (PCNL) Procedure For Kidney Stones??

Good Lord - you will have to get up in the middle of the night to make your appointment!! Mine isn't until 10:30 so a little better for me I would like to ask my dr if he seriously couldnt see me sooner than 9 1/2 weeks from when my dr called to make the appointment :-( You are definitely right about insurance....sure would be nice to get it in this year! I am going to stop taking my celebrex on Monday. I read somewhere that you have to be off that and any other anti-inflamatory meds 7-10 days before surgery. Hoping to get surgery scheduled even quicker doing this. I am probably dreaming, but worth a shot. Sure won't be pleasant to be without my celebrex though. I am so glad that I came to this sight. It helps having someone to talk to that is going thru the same thing. The old adage misery loves company right? Here's hoping your stone continues to cooperate and not give you any pain until you see your dr.