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Re: is it possible to have rapid scoliosis?

Originally Posted by Impal63 View Post
well i had a visit with the doctor today cause of shooting pain from the back of my hip through my thigh to the right knee. The doctor took one look at the x-ray of my back and said it was from a bad case of scoliosis. then he started to blow smoke up my *** saying i had to have been born with it or developed it at a very young age. im 24 years old and have been checked for this condition many times growing up as a kid with no sign of deformity. 3 years ago i was in a car accident and had x-rays taken. doctors said i had a very slight case of scoliosis probably from the muscle tearing in my back. now, 3 years later, my spine has a huge curvature. and not only is it looking bad on the x-ray, its starting to get very painful. honestly, i dont know what i can do about it. any comments or helpful advice would be great thanks
I developed mine during puperty as well as my sis. So, naturally I've checked my kids over the years. My oldest just turned 22 and has recently developed it. We dont know what degree it is yet, but we Do know what caused it. We have the genetic disorder Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. They say it rare, but I honestly believe its rarely properly diagnosed. It's not uncommon for people with EDS to have spine curvatures.


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