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Re: What to expect of Harrington Rod Removal surgery

Originally Posted by WolfSoul View Post
Hi. I had one of the first Harrington rods put in my spine for double major scoliosis in 1972. It's been 40 years and now I'm in excruciating pain. My specialist has diagnosed me with neurogenic claudication from complications of the harrington rod and/or hook. He is suggesting harrington rod removal surgery or clipping the rod. I have heard horror stories about harrington rod removal, with most saying it's much harder to take out than put in. Has anyone out here had their harrington rods removed and if so, what is the surgery like? What was your pain level? Recovery time??? etc. Any info will help me decide whether or not to agree to the surgery.
thank you,
I hope you get some responses. It doesn't seem like much traffic in this board.

I had my surgery done about the same time. I was having some issues about a year ago, and my doc was actually apologetic for that rod. I think there are seeing a lot of us 30-40 years later in pain. He coined it "flat back" syndrome, but in my case I learned recently that I have a genetic disorder & it was residual pain from a hip dislocation.

My sister who had the same surgery is in constant pain. She was told by four docs that hers couldn't be removed. She just lives with the pain because she worried that she will become additive to pain killers.

Best of luck.


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