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Re: Can kidneys shrink in just 4 months ?

I had an US in Januaary, and my right kidney measured some 9.5 cm and my left at about 10.5 cm in length. My cortical thickness was deemed normal, as was the width of my kidneys. The US was deemed normal, with no shrinkages, scarring, etc.
I am going to assume that any shrinkage would leave behind pathological sign, such as scarring.
The differential between US meausures might well be the result of the person doing the measuring. An US is good at detecting pathological markers, from cysts, scarring, etc. So, if you had shrinkage, you'd have, undoubtedly, respective pathological markers. There is no way that you would have any significant progression of kidney disease in four months, to the point that it would show up on a US. I might be wrong, but it just seems to be a difference in measure, as US images are a bit grainy.

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