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Re: Cushings without weight gain?

Originally Posted by cjs59 View Post
I have the same problem. Over 3 years I did 34 - 24 hour UFC's, 15 midnight salivas, 10 hour UFC's, 17 hydroxycorticosteroid testing and all came back positive for Cushing's plus microadenoma on my pituitary. But the 5 different Endo's I went to said I didn't look Cushing's enough and therefore elevated cortisol wasn't bothering me.
I switched to Endo number 6 and he biopsied my thyroid and parathyroid. Aug 16 I had hashimoto/hurthle cell thyroid removed and a huge parathyroid adenoma removed and a delphian lymph node that had acquired Hashimoto removed.
I was told the hyperthyroid, my Hashi was hyper, and my parathyroid adenoma were the reason my cortisol was elevated but I didn't have cushing's symptoms, no weight gain.
I did my first 24 hour UFC since surgery yesterday. I haven't tested cortisol in over a year so it will be interesting to see if cortisol did drop after surgery.
THANK YOU! I have already printed out your response and faxed it to my Endo... did you have problems with stomach discomfort? Heart racing? Acne?

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