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Re: Not sure what's wrong with me

they can test your hormones with blood tests and it may show an increase or decline in either estrogen or progesterone, but doctors usually don't sum it up to estrogen dominance. they'll just tell you that your hormones are fluctuating and believe me...they are...especially with stress. what you do need is to do some deep breathing exercises and maybe read up on articles that teach you how to de-stress. i know...easier said than done. one thing i had to learn about myself is that i always needed to be in control somehow. i started to realize that i can't control everything in my life and it's how i react to things that are upsetting that turned it around. have you ever heard of the 90/10 principle....10% of life is made up of what happens to you...and 90% of life is decided by how you react. in other words, we really have no control over 10% of what happens to us. the other 90% is different. you determine that by your "reaction" to the situation. millions of people suffer from undeserved stress, trials problems and headaches. when you're under stress....i'm sure you get upset...can't think right, maybe react in the wrong way, get angry, etc., which just makes things worse. try reacting different to the situation like...okay...i'm concerned, but there's nothing i can do to change this and this person needs me to be strong for them, so i'm going to remain calm and i'm not going to stress because if i get sick, then i can't be there for them. i'm sure that you've heard of the saying...."what doesn't kill you makes you stronger". believe it! everything happens for a reason and i've always believed that these are lessons in life. we either learn the lesson the first time, or the lesson will be repeated until we do. maybe your lesson is to learn how your reaction isn't helping....and you can change that. life is way too short not to enjoy what we can while we're here. everyone has an angel. just ask for help when you need it....

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