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Fatty Liver and Anemia.


I was diagnose with fatty liver on 2010 in some CT scan searching for another problem.

All my life I have suffered from Anemia (low iron in the blood, the ferritin one) so to keep up my iron levels on blood I need to be on permanent for life treatment using ferritin iron pills. Food that suppodsely raise iron in blood don't work on me, so I do need to be on the iron pills for life.

Unfortunaly, in the last year I have gained weight, I wasn't overweight when my fatty liver was detected, but right now I am overweight and I'm going to change my lifestyle to help my fatty liver, but I cannot stop taking the iron pills for my anemia problem, if I quit the iron pills I develop anemia again...I know ferritin hurst the liver, but for health reasons I cannot stop taking those pills...

Any suggestion of what I can use to keep my iron in blood up and not use iron pills to avoid damaged more my liver? (red meat, oat, veggies, etc don't increase my iron in blood and I develop anemia again if I only try to keep iron up with these kind of food), molasses do keep up my iron on blood but unfortunately I'm currently living in a country where black molasses doesn't even exist, so now I'm taking iron pills anything similar to molasses that is natural and increase iron in blood so I can stop taking iron pills and damaged my liver more?

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