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Question Please read and any ideas are appriciated

Ok Ive been pretty stressed out lately, It seems like everything has been falling apart in my life and to top it off i am scared of the symptoms that i am about to go over. I am 23 years old. About a month ago I started having irritation in my urethra and burning during urination,also durning ejaculation, so i started drinking cranberry juice and water, from what people were telling me it sounded like a uti, i also took azo for about a week. the symptoms did not improve, it was very frustrating since i (do not have insurance). After about 3 weeks i started having an ache in my left testical area (at the top of the testical), it was tender and sensitive. So i boke down and went to a walk in clinic, they didnt seem to pay attention to me when i said my testical was tender and aching. They concentrated on my upper respitory infection I have, and a possable uti. They took a urine sample and it came back and turns out i had blood and leukocytes in urine, they also sent my urine in for a culture, I know they checked for clamydia and gohnnorea, im not sure what else they checked? When the results came back everything showed to be normal. They gave me an antibiotic (erythromycin) and sent me on my way. Its been a day shy of a week on the antibiotics, the burning during urination is somewhat improving, but i still have some aching and sensitivity in or around my left testical (when the clinic called and told me the results of the culture, they changed my antibiotic to cipro, i finished the erythromycin then started cipro, 10 days of each. it helped with constant irritation in urethra but sligh burning during urination is still present). last night i was laying in the floor playing with my daughter, and i started aching again, so i went to the restroom and located a small bb sized hard bump in the top left side of my left testical, also my left testical seems to be a bit smaller than the other, ive never noticed a size diffrence, mabey ive never payed attention but i dont belive it has always been smaller. Im worried!!!!! and every forum i read nobody ever writes what the diagnosis was. ok a little bit of and update, It has been about a month after i noticed the bump on my testical. The bump has gone away but now i have aching in my lower abdomin, my testical is not so sensetive, but i still have slight irritation in urethra from time to time, along with slight discomfort during urintation. im trying to get by untill november for open enrollment for insurance threw my company. Any ideas are helpful

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