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Cool Re: I need help desperately, please !!!!

Hi, know the feeling, the desperation, depression, and the "Zombie Feeling", I did attend a clinical testing for patients with RLS, and after some research they recommended any of the dopomine represants, I have been on S4 Pexola for about 5 years, only a .125mg dose nightly, together with a multi vitamin (high in magnesium) and a natural sleeping pill, No it is not a cure, but I do get to sleep for at least 5 hours most nights, about 4 out of 7 in a week, then RLS kicks in again, so I have got used to walking the floor, watching TV standing, and eventually dozing off on the couch....My family think I am a druggie, because I do not move without my tablets, luckily only 1 of my 4 children are affected, and he is on the same meds. Yes there are certain things that seem to trigger worse attacks, I am most unfortunate as mine seems to be best move in life to get a decent sleep was to move in to my own room (after 46 years of marriage) so that when I do nod off I am not disturbed, and can sleep through some of the kick boxing...without my husband waking me up to complain about me kicking him...Good Luck, and try all the advice, and lets try and get more publicity for the RLS sufferers, not life threatening for sure, but sure as hell must be one of the most unpleasant afflictions ...