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Need some opinions on my situation. STI?!!!

Hi all,

I was in Mexico a few weeks back with my friends and we visited a brothel. She performed oral sex and we had sexual intercourse. It was a young female and we used protection. About four hours after I noticed a very annoying itch on my scrotum. Later that same night and the following day I also had very bad cases of diarrhea. It then subsided for a day until I returned back home. When I got home I immediately got tested for STI and HIV. This was only two days after my initial encounter. I think it was a bit too soon because the test results came back negative. When I had gotten home for about two weeks I had loose stool and the itching continued and eventually started to itch on the tip of my penis and inside my shaft. It kind of burned to pee sometimes as well. I noticed I had a very bad headache and muscle aches as well as cramps..

The third week I had noticed I started to get hot flashes and chills. One night I was sleeping and I had an erection and it was amazingly painful. I've never experienced anything like that. The diarrhea has since gone away for now.. but now I am getting a strange tingling all over my body and sometimes it feels like piercing pain.. as well as itching.. I've had a headache for almost 3 days now and i'm really starting to get worried. I woke up one morning with a small rash on the corner of the my mouth that went away in a day.. I noticed my eye was itchy and my front lip was very irritated.. I checked under the inside of my lip and there was a small bump growing.. not sure if it's an ulcer or what.. it was only 1 bump..I've been getting chest pains and lower back pains.. and a stiff neck.. I'm not eating very much at all..

I'm not sure what is going on with my body.. could it be herpes? could it be hiv? I plan on getting another test at the end of this week.. which would be the 4 week mark... Can anyone shed some light on this? has anyone had similar experiences? thanks so much.

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