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Bronchitis not going away?Do i have COPD?

Dear Friends,

Please advice on my health condition.

I am 25 year old male.I have been smoking for the past 5 years (moderate smoker with an average 5-7 cigarettes per day or less).I used to get acute bronchitis every year 2-3 times for past 3 years which gets cured after having medications.

But for the past one month i have been suffering from bronchitis and main problem is shortness of breath with no cough and mucus.I had 3 rounds of antibiotics which cured temporarily.Doctors diagonized that i have acute bronchitis with some kind of allergic infection.The infection was cured a by taking clarythromycin antibiotics.My blood test showed WBC and ESR higher than the normal range. I also had a spirometry test which showed 70% lung capacity.Now my medicines and cough syrups have all finished except for a salbeturomol inhaler.
Now- Sometimes i feel i am short of breath and also feel like a small reflex pain in my lungs.I dont have any cough or mucus problems.I havent smoked for the past one month.But i dont know why my lungs not yet recovering.I have mostly shortness of breath when i do some physical activity and it goes when i use inhaler.I want to know whether i am suffering from COPD or does allergic infections make this much worse?

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