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Re: Is this an autoimmunde disorder?? Please help!!

Originally Posted by ladybud View Post
If you are losing weight and had ketones in urine, please be sure a blood glucose (sugar) has been checked to rule out diabetes. I would get a copy of all your labs thus far so you know exactly what tests have been done. You need not have a family history of AI disease to have one, but vitiligo is AI.The thyroid tests you need are the ones mentioned above. They are not part of a routine blood work-up, they are ordered specifically when thyroid problems are suspected.
I have been checked for diabetes as well several times and it has been normal and my blood sugar has been normal. The doctors I see, because I have no insurance, seem not to care and want to help me so I guess I'm going to have to start paying out my pocket again. I would ask for a vitamin panel also but I will have to go to the doctor I pay for to get it checked. What would cause vitamin A and D deficiency? I'll see if the doctor will do a specific thyroid test as well..Thanks again for your replies!