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Re: How did you guys find out your celiac

Originally Posted by Liquidplasma View Post
I'm trying to get some insight on my unexplained allergy symptoms this year . I'm starting to doubt seasonal allergies as the problem and am leaning towards gluten. Do any of you with gluten/ celiac have muscle knots inthe upper body? And facial muscles that tense similar to tmj but without the jaw locking or noise problems? Also I find this year I'm either full of acid reflux and upset stonach or constipated. Does this sound familiar to anyone? If been so tested to date for everything under the sun yet it's down to allergies. They say heavy reaction to hayfever and 2012 being one of the worst years. But muscle tension in upper back neck and face from pollen seems far fetched to me.
I went undiagnosed for 8 years. My main symptom was bowel pain and tend towards constipation.

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