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help deciphering mri and ct readings

Hey I'm Drew and I'm 26 Years old with Right sided cerebral palsy and simple partial seizures. These are my CTs and MRI readings and i was wondering if anyone could help me make any sense of them. This is much appreciated!

Grade 1 anterior Listhesis of L5 on S1 secondary to underlying Spondylolysis. this results in distortion and narrowing of the neural formina. The L5-S1 disk space is moderately narrowed

CT Myelogram
L5-S1 there are ventral and right lateral extradural defect with partial effacement of the proximal right S1 nerve root
L3-4 there is minimal ventral extradural defect
L3-2 there is minimal ventral extradural defect

Grade 1 spondylolthesis of L5 in relation to S1, with bilateral spondylolysis at L5. There is mild spondylosis and loss of normal signal intensity in the disk. There is mild dorsal bulging of the annulus. There is a small posterolateral inferior foraminal disk extrustion on the left extending slightly above the level of the disk. This results in foraminal stenosis on the left and quite likely compromise of the left L5 nerve root in the neural foramen. Minimal foraminal narrowing of the right.

Thor Spine:

T6-7 mild central right paracentral spondylosis
T7-8 mild left sided spondylosis with minimal indentation on the cord
T8-9 mild right sided spondylosis
T9-10 mild facet disease and mild disc bulge. the lower levels show mild facet disease

Cerv Spine:

C4-5 mild disc bulge with minimal facet disease
C5-6 mild disc bulge with minimal facet disease
C6-7 mild facet disease
C7-T1 mild facet disease
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