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Re: Allergic reaction to mastisol - post op ACDF

Oh yes. I first had a severe reaction after a foot surgery. I had a cast on my foot and felt it getting hot and itchy. After about 3 days I went back to doctor, and they took off my cast. I was horrified to see my foot. It felt like it was on fire, blistered, swollen and scaly. I was also told no one had ever had such a severe reaction. Since then I have found, I am allergic to all medical glues and tapes. A few years later I needed to have neck surgery. I told all the doctors and nurses. He didn't use mastisol, but another type of adhesive that was supposed to be hyper allergenic. Not so much. Within hours of surgery I started to get itchy. I remove the dressing on my neck and could see the edges already getting red and blistering. I washed around the incision carefully and took a couple of Benadryl. The next day I went for my check up. When he removed my new clean dressing I was still blistering and getting redder and swollen. He removed the rest of the steri- tapes. He couldn't believe it was so bad. I was given a prescription for steroids but my neck swelled up over the next 2 days so bad that it looked like I had 2 big rolls under my chin. I couldn't wear my neck brace at all. It took a good week to get better and longer for the scars to go away.

I've learned to stay away from all glues and tapes, even bandages irritate my skin. This is also something that has developed in the last few years. Now when I need to have surgery I take a large piece of masking tape, and write on it, NO MASTISOL ,ADHESIVES OR GLUES. I then tape it to my gown.
I feel for you. It is the worst thing I ever seen.
Good Luck

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