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Re: Perc Neph (PCNL) Procedure For Kidney Stones??

Hi Jamie5538. Welcome to the waiting club. As stoneyburke said, there is some pain involved after the procedure. But it should be short term and, since they remove the stone or stones during the procedure, you shouldn't have any more pain once you've recovered from the procedure itself. If you don't mind my asking, since 3mm (or did you mean cm?) is a relatively small stone, is there a health issue that prevents you from having the Lithotripsy procedure where they use shock waves to break up the stones so you can pass them naturally? I would gladly go that route if I could since it's far less invasive. But, I'm on a blood thinning med and the risk of bleeding increases as a result. Sorry you're having so much pain with yours. I think mine is just too large to block anything and cause the pain you're having. I have some pain. But it's minimal. Wishing you the best with your procedure. Come on back and let us know how you're doing.