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I'm currently on 100mg of Luvox which is a belssing, along with therapy. My anxiety is at an all time low. I still have reminders of my obsessive thoughts i cant believe i went thru that for like 7-8 months, and i will still question myself asking if it was just anxiety or is there really an signifigance to the thoughts. I have had intrusive thoughts my entire life, anything from harmful,sexual or just plain demented. I've learned to live with them but when high anxiety rears its head i analyze why i had them and what they mean, very scary......ive always been a never say never kind of person and i think at times that opens the door to anxiety for me. I'm sorry you also are going thru this,the best advice i can give you is to let everything pass, dont try to analyze the thoughts and it will get better. Give up the control, the more you try to figure things out the harder it becomes. How long have you been on the luvox?

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