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Re: I really think I am done this time...

Originally Posted by tattoodgirly View Post
What normal, living-breathing adult male would not want to have sex with his girlfriend after two weeks??!
I am very concerned about the potential negative effects of sex in a relationship. Too much of most things is not a good thing, and sex is one of them. Two weeks could be way too little time for MANY people who are INTERESTED in an everlasting, DEEP connection with another. What I feel for my lady... well, let's just say NO sex with any woman in the world (including HER) could EVER compare to that feeling. It didn't take sex to arrive there, and it damn sure won't take sex to stay there.

I hate to say it, my friend, but sex is ruining your relationship. TOO much attention on it, and probably other less important aspects, is ruining your relationship. And it will ruin ALL of your relationships if you don't lower its priority moving forward!

He might be thinking
"all there is to us is sex! All I seem to feel... all she seems to feel for me... is sex and dating! So, I guess I have my money, my gaming, and my sex"

Quite frankly, sex is nice. But I too am a gamer... been gaming since before kindergarten... and I doubt I'd EVER want to have sex as frequently as I play games, or do some of the other things I've come to enjoy in my life.

Sex is SUPPOSED to be merely ONE expression of love, and a superficial one at that! You don't BUILD LOVE WITH SEX! When you're doing this, and treating it like a hobby, even if monogamously, then you have a problem, Houston!


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