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Increase in neuropathic/central pain year after cervical laminectomy

Hey everybody. In August 2011 I had a cervical laminectomy without fusion / hardware on C5,C6 partial C7 because of cervical myelopathy due to congenital stenosis.

So I already have damage to the spinal cord because of the myelopathy considering to the latest MRI taken 10 months ago. I am getting a check MRI in a few weeks.

Although my walking got a lot better after surgery (still not 100%). I still have some balance issues but I can run at 6mph. Besides that I still have some pins and needles on occasion in my left handpalm and lower arm.

But since 3 months I am getting itchy lower arms at night. Like ants crawling on my arms. And since a month I am getting a light burning / warm sensation in my left leg. The burning / warm sensation isn't always present but keeps coming more often these days. Especially after going to the gym and when I'm tired.

I know this is probably central / neuropathic pain from my spinal cord damage right? But has anyone else experienced getting this even a year after surgery?


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