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Re: help with CT and MRI readings


thanks for the reply. i have my first meeting with a pain management physician on october 11th. ive been in severe pain for about a year now barely able to get out of bed. it hurts to stand and walk for long periods of time. and its uncomfortable to sit. im always woke up at night because i cant find a comfortable position to sleep. my PCP has me on a low dose of hydrocodone every 12 hours but it isnt doing anything for the pain. im hoping that when i go to PM that ill be able to get on a low dose of of an antidepressant for sleep and maybe cymbalta or lyrica for nerve pain... im also going to ask about something other than hydrocodone because i need something a little more long acting.. it wouldnt be so bad if i didnt have CP on the right side so i have to compensate with my left side every day which leaves me in a lot more pain then most people... what does the indentation of the cord possibly mean for the future?

oh and i want to try biofeedback and water therapy.. maybe the alexander technique to relearn posture...

thanks again!
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