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new labs, advice please (part 3)


New labs are in and since the other got quite long, I start a new topic (and letís hope it brings good luck or in other words wellness ).

Last week still felt pretty hypo (and desperate - yet with my previous labs my fT3 had dropped till 30% so guess that explains it). Since last Thursday I guess,I feel something/things are changing. Iím not Ďoní it yet, but getting closer, the difference with a week before sure is very noticeable, feel like Iím climbing again (sure needed that). Start to feel more human again and less ghost.

my recent labs (now please do note that the last adjustment Ė increase 6 mcg T3 has only been 3 weeks)
TSH 0.08
FT4 1.05 (72%) (0.54-1.24)
FT3 3.3(57%) (2.50-3.90)
(75mcg PTU+162 mcg T4 + 18 mcgT3)

Wow! Now these are starting to look like something no? Might not be my optimal yet but itís a start, these are the best labs Iíve had so far! (thank you to everybody who helped me along the way).

Currently main symptoms:
-Not much stamina (well at least seem to get some now and then so thatís an improvement) but still can feel pretty dragging.
-Everything and everybody seems to get on my nerves (thatís so not me)
-In general at this point since fatigue is less, think the mental part/symptoms seem to be the worst
- Still tired but that finally definitely is improving (these days no naps, yay yay and sometimes actually feel awake yay yay, on this one improvement is definitely noticeable Ė even more so since it was my worst symptom. )
-Trouble falling asleep, disturbed sleep
-Clammy hands and feet
-Bloated belly (really bad, 6 months pregnant belly, nope Iím not)
-Dry mouth, thirsty, metal taste
-Stuffed nose
-Heartrate seems a bit higher again (bloodpressure something quite low 8/4 but since the last couple of days seems better, that was mainly last week and before that- at the time felt hypo in general)
- Icecold chills again (so far, knock on wood not accompanied with feverish head)
And some others but stick to the main ones.
Most importantly Iím climbing againÖ

Any advice is dearly appreciated!

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