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Originally Posted by patrick2011 View Post
It's an outside shot but elevated levels supposedly cause immune system issues of which chronic urticaria (hives) are one. That coupled with the fact we had some pans at home that USED TO have a Teflon coating. I think we ate what isn't still on the pan over the years and from what I've heard once PFCs enter your body they don't come out on their own. And a enough of a build-up in the body causes the immune system issues.

Again, if anyone would like to add to the discussion it would be appreciated. But if nothing else its good to write down all of this to get it straight in my head. And hopefully it can help lead anyone reading this to a cure for what ales you.

Take care,
Hello, it is ironic that you mentioned the chronic urticaria (hives). I have been reading your previous posts and you could have been writing my story. I have an injured back, which causes me great pain all the time. I have also been dealing with chest pain that feels like an intense heart burn, even if I haven't just eaten. Even sometimes after I drink water. I go back and forth with that and bloating/gas...which in the past, Gas X worked great and now does nothing for it. I also have autoimmune disease, which started in '96. Now, 3 mos. ago, I started breaking out in welts all over and extreme itchiness, then shortly after my face, tongue, neck all swelled up to the point that my eyes were almost completely closed. I had never had an allergic reaction to anything, until then. The Dr. gave me a set of steroids to take and told me to also take Zantac and Benadryl. Steroid took the swelling down the 1st 24 hrs. of taking it. And the Zantac/Benadryl kept the hives at bay. However, as soon as the Steroids were finished, within a few days, I'd be swollen again. The Dr. has given me 3 rounds of steroids so far, and honestly, I am afraid to cont. to take them.

Sorry this is so long, but as I began with how ironic that you were talking about Chronic Hives...I was just about to send you a message and asking if you had considered it yet. I have learned that those who have autoimmune thyroid disorder or Lupus, have a 45% chance of A/I hives, and I have the Thyroid disorder. I am going to have the test done, that you mentioned in your post.

I will keep you posted, if I learn anything more,

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