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Husband has Dementia

Hi All,
I am new to this board so I wanted to tell you a bit about us. My husband is 74 and I am 71, married 48 years, 2 adult children.

He was diagnosed about 3 months ago with dementia but I feel he has had symptoms for a long time but I did not know what it was.

In June 2012, he had a dental appn't then afterwards as he left the office he suddenly felt lost, did not know where he was or anything so he walked out into the parking lot and sat down under a shade tree. He said he thinks he was there 15-20 minutes then he saw our car, got in it and drove home.
When he got home he explained to me what had happened so we called our PCP for an appn't.

He had all of the normal tests looking for a problem including a MRI. These proved nothing at all. My husband has a history of blocked arteries so I am wondering if this could be his problem, could he have blocked arteries in the brain?
Next he was sent to a Neurologist where he took tests for 2 days.
He was given Aricept and given a follow up appn't in 2 months.

In July he, for what seemed to me no reason, got very angry with me one day. I was asking what was wrong, what had I done to anger him but he just got more and more angry. He told me to get out of his home, called me many very bad names which he had never done before, even threatened to hit me and kill me. I called 911. Two policemen came, just talked to him for about an hour after telling me to go into the bedroom and stay there. He calmed down and they left.
We went back to our PCP and told him of this anger which was beginning to happen often and he prescribed Seroquel. It took a few weeks but now it seems to be working, my husband is more calm and relaxed during the day. Early evenings he gets bored and jittery but not mean like before.

Lately I have noticed he has problems with many things such as he cannot make decisions, cannot order from a menu and other things.
He is nervous, crowds, loud noises, etc. bother him.

Is all of this common with a newely diagnosed dementia patient?
I know nothing about this illness so any help will be appreciated.

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